Christmas Office Party

Corporate event photography at the Stanhill Hotel in Charlwood, Surrey

I always enjoy event photography commissions, especially at the end of the year when companies generally start to relax and unwind, starting with the Christmas parties!

This event was held at the Stanhill Court Hotel in Charlwood Surrey. Stanhill Court is a delightful old manor house and grounds, lending itself perfectly to events and weddings.

The evening started with a drinks reception with the accompaniment of a steel band who were upbeat and good to start the party feel! This was then followed by the meal and further entertainment by the Blunter Brothers on stage (fab soul band!), a mobile casino and of course the essential Photo Booth stacked full of accessories to make you look your best!!

There were plenty of great candid photography opportunities to be photographed and I enjoyed documenting the event for the company. Here are a few photographs of the evening