Lifestyle shoot for Marley Mattresses

We had a fun shoot in March 2018 with models Alexa and Juan along with Clare Pinkney (make up artist) in a hired barn in the depths of West Sussex!

The brief was to create light and airy lifestyle images with a young couple on these new high tech mattresses created by Southern Foam.

I had visited the barn in previous weeks with the client to assess the best angles and areas within the given space to shoot in. The images came out well and everyone was happy with the results, which is always good!

I decided to use the 30 megapixel Canon 5d mrk4 for this shoot as we needed a good depth of field to show off the mattresses as well as having the models in focus. My medium format camera is better for subject isolation and would have been a compromise in this situation.

Lighting heads were Profoto B1s and 120cm/70cm octoboxes with inner diffusion panels to create even softer light. Lights were balanced with the exposure of the window light to keep things looking natural.

Here are a few basic edits of images taken on the day.