Office Christmas Party Photography at The Buxted Park Hotel

It is always fun to photograph social events and downtime for companies I shoot for during the rest of the year. Events, portraits and commercial shoots can still be fun but not quite the same as the office Christmas party!

This one was no exception! The venue was the Buxted Park Hotel in the Ashdown Forest. The evening started with a mobile cocktail bar in one of the reception areas of the hotel, providing delicious mojito, whisky sours or whatever took your fancy. The cocktails were accompanied by the amazing Graffiti Classics who are a traditional String Quartet with a twist! Beautiful classical music to start the evening off with, followed by their surprise comedy set just after dinner,  breaking out into Irish jigs, a very unusual version of the Bumble Bee and lots more! 

After dinner there was a fireworks display outside (best place for fireworks!) followed by some oversized arcade classic games to play whilst having more cocktails. It was a great evening to photograph and presented itself with some great photojournalistic opportunities to capture. Please enjoy the small collection of images I have posted to give you all a flavour of my work and please do get in touch should you have and event that you would like documented!