Sussex Street Food Finals 2018

What an amazing day to photograph the street food finals 2018 in Horsham town. The 21st of October and bathed in glorious sunshine!

As a professional event photographer based in Sussex but travelling internationally for assignments, it is always nice to shoot something nice and local once in a while.

Here are a few images to give you a flavour of the day, delicious food and the crowds flocking into Horsham to soak up the sunshine and atmosphere, along with the live music provided.

The full set of images can be viewed in the link below and will be live for a couple of months.

Thank you for looking.

The Loxwood Joust

The Loxwood Joust is an amazing spectacular medieval event held every year in August.

The event is held in two large arenas with a small woodland area in-between the two main fields. There is plenty to see and do for all the family, including blacksmith workshops, learning how to make chainmail, pewter badge making along with many other skills like archery, swordsmanship etc.

If you make it past the witches at their caldron in the woods, you will find their resident executioner on hand to tell you of frighting times of old!

I have added a very small selection of images I took for a magazine on the day. Thank you for looking!


Thakeham Homes show house Interior shoot

I have been asked to photograph quite a few interiors/exteriors for various building companies and property developers in the Surrey and Sussex area over the years. It is always a challenge to shoot interiors as you often have to battle with the lighting available in the room and then subtly add your own. Some of the shots below are created by a montage of up to 10 different parts of the image photographed separately with Profoto B1 studio lights triggered remotely. This particular shoot was for Thakeham Homes based in West Sussex.

Here are just a few from the finished set. Thank you for looking!!


Event photography at the Manchester Museum

I had the pleasure of photographing the annual APAM conference (association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland) at the Reynolds centre, Manchester University and then on to the Manchester Museum for drinks reception and dinner. The image below is the reception area, perfect for drinks and networking!

Lifestyle shoot for Marley Mattresses

We had a fun shoot in March 2018 with models Alexa and Juan along with Clare Pinkney (make up artist) in a hired barn in the depths of West Sussex!

The brief was to create light and airy lifestyle images with a young couple on these new high tech mattresses created by Southern Foam.

I had visited the barn in previous weeks with the client to assess the best angles and areas within the given space to shoot in. The images came out well and everyone was happy with the results, which is always good!

I decided to use the 30 megapixel Canon 5d mrk4 for this shoot as we needed a good depth of field to show off the mattresses as well as having the models in focus. My medium format camera is better for subject isolation and would have been a compromise in this situation.

Lighting heads were Profoto B1s and 120cm/70cm octoboxes with inner diffusion panels to create even softer light. Lights were balanced with the exposure of the window light to keep things looking natural.

Here are a few basic edits of images taken on the day.


Editorial portraits with the Phase One XF digital medium format camera

I am often asked if I am a 'Canon' or a 'Nikon' man! The answer to that is Canon for some things, Leica for others and Phase One digital medium format when ever I can!

It still amazes me the quality of images and files that come out of this camera. With 16 bit RAW files to work with and high dynamic range, every capture is a treat to work with.

For this editorial assignment, I decided to use the Phase one to enable colour reproduction and sharpness isolation on the subject. Medium format has a certain look and gradual sharpness fall off is one of the advantages over the average DSLR camera.

Enjoy the images below and thanks for looking!


Corporate event photography at the Stanhill Hotel in Charlwood, Surrey

I always enjoy event photography commissions, especially at the end of the year when companies generally start to relax and unwind, starting with the Christmas parties!

This event was held at the Stanhill Court Hotel in Charlwood Surrey. Stanhill Court is a delightful old manor house and grounds, lending itself perfectly to events and weddings.

The evening started with a drinks reception with the accompaniment of a steel band who were upbeat and good to start the party feel! This was then followed by the meal and further entertainment by the Blunter Brothers on stage (fab soul band!), a mobile casino and of course the essential Photo Booth stacked full of accessories to make you look your best!!

There were plenty of great candid photography opportunities to be photographed and I enjoyed documenting the event for the company. Here are a few photographs of the evening

Magazine cover shoot for Smart Aviation

I was recently commissioned to photograph a magazine cover shot for Charter Broker Magazine which is the leading magazine for business aviation charter professionals throughout the world.

We had the use of a private jet hanger owned by Zenith Aviation LTD based in Biggin Hill for the photoshoot. I wanted to create sharp clean well lit portraits utilising parts of the jet to give a sense of location whilst overpowering the available light in the hanger to give more emphasis on the subject

I used a mixture of Profoto b1 lights with associated soft boxes and grids to light the subject and a 1200w Elinchrom rangerRX for a general wash of light over the aircraft. All the images are shot with the Phase One digital medium format camera and Schneider prime lenses.

I am used to photographing cover shots for a monthly magazine I shoot for so I know how to compose an image allowing for headings and sub headings on the cover.

Here are a few of the images below, along with a behind the scenes shot of me in full swing!



Office Christmas Party Photography at The Buxted Park Hotel

It is always fun to photograph social events and downtime for companies I shoot for during the rest of the year. Events, portraits and commercial shoots can still be fun but not quite the same as the office Christmas party!

This one was no exception! The venue was the Buxted Park Hotel in the Ashdown Forest. The evening started with a mobile cocktail bar in one of the reception areas of the hotel, providing delicious mojito, whisky sours or whatever took your fancy. The cocktails were accompanied by the amazing Graffiti Classics who are a traditional String Quartet with a twist! Beautiful classical music to start the evening off with, followed by their surprise comedy set just after dinner,  breaking out into Irish jigs, a very unusual version of the Bumble Bee and lots more! 

After dinner there was a fireworks display outside (best place for fireworks!) followed by some oversized arcade classic games to play whilst having more cocktails. It was a great evening to photograph and presented itself with some great photojournalistic opportunities to capture. Please enjoy the small collection of images I have posted to give you all a flavour of my work and please do get in touch should you have and event that you would like documented!  


Cabin Pressure Spirits

Cabin Pressure Spirits has been created by David Howard of Horsham. 

David makes the gin in a cabin in his own garden, created specifically for the distilling process. The shed consists of various glass flasks and vacuum machines to aid the distilling process and to make this all possible at a lower temperature.

David is one of a few 'craft gin' creators in west sussex that have popped up in recent years. I photographed David's business for an editorial piece in All About Horsham Magazine. As the photographer for the magazine, we photograph a business each month to feature, along with many other subjects. David was pleased that his main photograph featured as the front cover for the June edition of all about Horsham, a nice surprise!

We did get to have a taste of the gin and would recommend trying it for yourself. Just right with a slither of fresh lemon and ice!

London corporate location portraits

CWT Meetings and events (based in London) contacted me to photograph their staff. The images are going to be used not only as business profile shots but also for prints on acrylic panels to decorate the office. I did a recce down Brick Lane in London prior to the commercial photoshoot and noted suitable backdrops to use for the set. I used my Phase One XF medium format camera and IQ260 digital back to capture the portrait images along with an Elinchrom RX Ranger studio light and power pack. This combination ensures the best image quality available in the industry. Perfect skin tones and eye watering resolution will mean the final prints will look amazing on the office walls.

We didn't start the shoot until 2pm which was a little risky with the light on a January winter day! I blended flash exposure with available ambient light to highlight the subjects against the urban backdrops. I have posted the results below. Thank you for looking. Toby.

Charles and Heather July 23rd 2016

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the wonderful wedding of Charles Lucas and Heather Wong on the 23rd of July 2016 held in the heart of Warnham, West Sussex.

Heather's bride preparation began at Brookhill House in Cowfold, a grade 2 listed family run bed and breakfast set amongst rolling fields. Bride preparation is actually one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph as the chaos of hair, makeup and champagne are always a recipe for some great photographs. Having been a wedding photographer in West Sussex for many years now, I have documented a variety of brides enjoying the rituals of pre wedding pampering!

After the finishing touches were completed to hair and makeup, the bridal party made their way to the wedding ceremony held at St Margaret's Church Warnham. The girls were a little late due to the platted hair taking longer than expected...although of course, everyone thought it was the photographer!! ;-)

After an emotional ceremony and the signing of the register, the congregation were treated to an opera piece courtesy of a friend of Charles and Heather. Amazing to witness and hear the rolling tones echoing around the stone walls of the church.

The wedding reception and breakfast were held at the family home in Warnham, West Sussex. The house has amazing backdrops of endless meadows, oaks and deer if you are lucky. The wedding breakfast was held in a large marquee with an open side to view the panoramic vista. Venison was served along with salads and mini picnic baskets containing bread, sausage rolls and bread sticks. followed by an assortment of delicious deserts.

I was very lucky with the weather from a photographic point of view, although full sun can create some high contrast problems, it can also be a big advantage to work with it. I utilised this by shooting into the sun for the couple shots, creating a backlit scene through the grasses and trees whilst highlighting the veil and dress from the back.

The first dance was photographed in almost total darkness so I had to set up 3 remote flashes to capture the action whilst still retaining some of the ambience of the band's lighting rig.

Wishing you all the best for the future Mr and Mrs Lucas! x